Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We are helping to build a circular and inclusive value chain by taking care of the environment in our manufacturing process in the community we are working.



After being converted into PET flakes, plastic bottles are collected and transferred to the facilities where they are repurposed to create new ones.

In order to reduce the amount of plastic used, we tend to change the container design and the packaging while exploring the creation of environmentally friendly replacement containers to make efficient use of the available resources.

We are highly involved in reusing the market-returned bottles and turning them into pet bottles, leading to cutting down on the use of extra plastic.



We have taken substantial initiatives to lessen the amount of water used during production. Additionally, we are also reducing the total amount of water drawn from areas that are suffering from water scarcity.

To drastically reduce energy consumption, we have implemented power saving technologies that have sensors to gather, analyze, and act on data.

Our ability to produce PET bottles with unified designs as well as our quality control capacity to oversee the processes of bottle molding to filling, helps us use less resin and makes it easier to reduce the weight of the bottles over time by using less plastic.

Furthermore, steps have been taken to use solar energy systems and power plants to help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our battery-driven transportation creates a noticeable impact on the community as they do not emit pollutants, is highly cost-effective and also requires low maintenance.



OConverting excess energy is allowing us to take a step forward in producing power and heat instead of wasting it and producing further greenhouse gases.

Re-using exhaust from generator in boilers.

Using a vapor absorption machine is a constructive way which enables us to reuse the evaporated water during production by cooling it down and condense it into pure water again.

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